Wedding Programs are BACK! See What’s New, and Shop Our Full Line.

Ready to plan your ceremony? We’ve got you.

We are proud to announce that ALL of Spoken Bride’s best-selling wedding programs are back from a hiatus, and better than ever.


We’ve polished up the experience for you with: 

  • A program finder quiz designed to make your selection process clear and simple, based on your ceremony and needs.
  • A new Demo Mode inviting you to try putting in all your wedding party, reading, and music info directly into a sample template. It’s like a real-time first draft that helps you know exactly what to expect when you purchase.
  • Super clear, revised instructions offering additional printing tips, resources, and services with your purchase.
  • 3 updated designs that coordinate with Spoken Bride stationery templates, for a completely coordinated paper suite that makes an impact and allows endless customization options.

And, just as before, our programs offer you beautiful design, pre-formatted layouts made to save you time, and theologian-approved explanations of the Nuptial Mass or Rite of Marriage that illuminate the Catholic faith in a clear, respectful voice for your guests.


So which one are you? Nuptial Mass or Rite of Marriage Outside of Mass? Novus Ordo or TLM? English, Spanish, or Bilingual? Whatever your preferences and needs, we can’t wait to serve you.

Shop programs here, and don’t forget to grab a Program Worksheet! This quick Q+A corresponds to our program designs and provides space for you to gather all the necessary info for your ceremony, making it quick and easy to plug that info into your program template.